Granada of Goodness, and Alhambra is Our Proof

Translated by myself. Originally translated 2014, corrected and modified July 2016.

غرناطة الخير والحمراء شاهــــــدنا
قولي بربك ماذا حل بالعـــــــــــرب

Granada of goodness, and Alhambra is our proof,
Speak by your lord of what has afflicted the Arabs;

ماذا أصاب بني الإسلام كلــــــــــهم
كيف اشتروا منتن الأخشاب بالذهب

Of what befell the sons of Islam, each one of them,
Of how they exchanged putrid logs of wood with gold;

كيف استباح عداهم كل ساحتهم
كيف استكانوا وقد كانوا ذُرى الشهبِ

Of how their enemies desecrated every field of theirs;
Of how they yielded to submission, whilst they had been the summits of shooting stars.

غرناطة الخير هل حي فيخـــــــــبرنا
ماذا جرى بعد عهد العز والـغــلـــــب

Granada of goodness is alive so as to inform us,
Of what transpired after the reign of glory and triumph.

كم حرة هتك العادون حرمـــــــــــتها
وكم ضعيف شواه الكفر باللـــــــهب

How many a free woman there was, whose sanctity was ravished by the enemies,
And how many a feeble one there was, whom disbelief roasted with flame!

نادى فلم يستجب للصوت معتــــصم
فبات يندب والصلبان في طـــــــرب

He calls out, yet none respond to the voice of Mu’tasim,
And so he remains, in mourning, while the crosses rejoice in ecstasy.

غرناطة الخير هل حي فنخـــــــــبره
أنا على العهد رغم البعد والنـــــصب

Granada of goodness lives and thus we inform it,
That we are holding to the pledge, despite the distance and the exhaustion

نحن الوجود وإن غابت كواكــــــبنا
نحن العلا والهدى في حالك الــكرب

We are the presence, while our worlds have vanished,
We are the nobility and guidance through your calamitous condition;

مازال يازينة الأمصار في دمــــــــنا
نار تأجج بالإيمان والغضــــــــــــب

It has not left our blood, O jewel of civilizations;
A fire, blazing with faith and anger.


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