“My Spirit is Your Sacrifice”

Arabic song translated by myself on 21. Feb 2014. The song is an adaptation from an older song, Rabbahu Qawmi fi-l-Aghlal (“My Lord! My nation is in chains”) from an album of Saudi songs, Nida’ wa Hida’, released in Saudi Arabia in the early 1990s.

My spirit is your sacrifice, the distance is long, o my homeland –

The conflagration is enough for my tormented soul,

I cannot endure, departure from Sham* is burning me.

I sacrifice myself for you, I sacrifice myself for you, this is a part of my wish.

Damascus** is in my heart, my heart has fallen in love with Aleppo**

My blood is Hama,** and the wailing cry of the bridge*** is my song.

Syria today is a volcano, spewing torrents of blood

Sham is the messenger, a minaret of fire, my slaughterhouse.

O Sham!

A child’s heart has melted away from the pain, O Sham!

Cease bringing upon me hardship, O Sham!

And to my loved ones in the battlefield of home…

[Home is] in the soul, o its goodness, o the glory of my home.

The sweetness of death is truly where your success is

In the two lives, the [life of the present] world and the afterlife.

*Bilad ash-Sham (or just Sham) is another, older term for Syria, which also encompasses neighboring Palestine and Lebanon. Literally means ‘land of the left hand’; if a person facing east from the Red Sea points both hands out to his/her sides, the left hand will be pointing to Syria, and the right hand will point to Yemen (the land of the right hand). The poem uses both the words “Sham” and “Suriya”, the latter coming from the same Greek word as the English name for the country.
**Damascus, Aleppo, and Hama are cities in Syria, the first among them being the capital. Damascus itself is sometimes referred to as “Sham”.

***The Arabic word translated here as “The Bridge” is الجسر (al-jisr), which is also part of the name of a Syrian city, Jisr ash-Shughur (جسر الشغور).


روحي فداؤك طال البعد يا وطني
كفى ضراما بنفسي المعذبة
الي اصطبار فراق الشام ألهبني
أفديك أفديك هذا بعض أمنيتي
دمشق في القلبي
قلبي في هوى حلب
دمي حماة ونوح الجسر أغنيتي
سورية اليوم بركان سيول دمِ

يا شام!
شام الرسول منار نار ملحمتي … يا شام
ذاب الفؤاد الطفلُ من ألمٍ … يا شام

يا شام يكفيني من العنت
وللأحبة في الميدان منزلةٌ
في النفس يا طيبها يا عز منزلتي
حلاوة الموت حقاً حين فوزك
في الحياتين … من دنيا وآخرةِ


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