Be Patient, O My Soul

The following is my translation of the song, “Sabran ya Nafsi Ma’ana-Llah” (“Be patient, o my soul, with us is God”). I do not know who originally wrote the lyrics. The song, like the other one posted previously, has been used by several militant groups. I neither condone the actions of these groups nor agree with their views or the sentiment in the lyrics; I am posting for the purposes of better understanding of those who do have such ideas and to shed light on the meaning of the lyrics of the song and songs like it.

Be patient, O my soul, with us is God;
And Jerusalem is calling us, it screamed “Aah!”

صبراً يا نفســي مـعـــــــنا الله
والقــدس تنادي صـــرخــــت أه

Be patient, for my way is made from fire
And the dark-eyed brides of Paradise are calling to the battlefield.

صـبراً فطــريـقي من نـيــــران
والحـور تــنادي للـــميـــدان

Do you remember when I bid farewell to you
And you cried upon me in anguish?

أتــــذكــر لمــا ودعتـك يوماً
وبـكـــيت عليَ من الإشــفــــاق

You said, “O! My son! Do not hurt my heart,
The memories and longing are killing me.”

قلــتِ يا ولــدي لا تــكوي كبدي
تقتُــلني الذكـــرى والأشـــواق

And I went out [to battle] because I am seeing in my time
A disbelief which overpowers the atmosphere;

ورحـلتُ لأنـي أبــــصر في زمني
كفـرٌ يَتَسَلَــطْ في الأجـوـــــاء

So I carried my weapon, and I raised my banner,
And I went out to fight amidst the enemies…

فحملــت سلاحـي ورفعــت لوائي
ومضيـت أُقـــاتل في الأعــداء

In paradise I sing, and I warble, I chant,
And I recite verses of the Qur’an…

فـي الجنة أشدو وأُغردو أحدو
وأُرـــتل آيــات القــــرآن

And therein I meet, my bride and her sons,
And I hug my family and the brothers.

وأُقـــابل فيها زوجي وبنيها
وأُعانـــق أهلي والإخــــوان


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