“Hail, Active Youth”

This song is sung by Samir al-Bashiri, a Saudi vocal artist, and has been featured in quite a few videos belonging to various groups of fighters in different parts of the world.

By posting these translations I am not endorsing the contents of the songs and poems, or the groups who use them. I do not share the beliefs of any of the militant groups who have used this song.

English lyrics:
Hail the active youth, the best of the battalions gathered together,
Those who erected an edifice of righteous guidance, to raise high a religion for God.
Those who have rejected all except prayer, you ransomed them from among the pious ones.
They do not act for an objective, except the successful accomplishment of the Muslims.

The multitudes arrived with a white message from a trustworthy revelation,
And they called to follow the upright path, upon the model of the predecessors.
Swearing to them with a most eminent glory, exceeding the glory of the eternal ones.
And the camels riding on, with their memories escaping through the passing of the years.

It is my nation, the crown of the nations, and the pearl upon the distinguished throne,
This robe, made from inactivity and sluggishness, they shall remove.
If all resolve is for the elders, and we judge them by success,
Do not grieve or despair, because the resolve of the youth does not weaken.

O youth of righteousness, soldiers of glory, light of certainty,
O pride of those who carried the torches toward guidance throughout the universe,
Proceed on to heights, not bringing coolness to the eyes of the jealous!*
And may exalted God assist you, with grace and a clear victory!

* = “Coolness of the Eyes” (قرة الأعين, “Qurrat al-A’yun”) is an Arabic expression meaning “comfort”, which is used in the Qur’an. Here the poet means “not comforting the jealous”. It has also been used as a name, such as the well-known Persian adherent of the religion of Babism (which evolved into the Baha’i Faith) and feminist, Qurratu’l-‘Ayn Tahirih (who was a fascinating person in her own right).

Arabic lyrics:

حيّ الشباب العاملين خير الكتائب أجمعيـــن   مَــن شيدوا صـــرح الرشاد ليرفعـــوا لله دين 
 من قد أبو إلاّ الصلاح فديتهم مـــن مصلحين   لا يعملــــون لغايـة إلاّ فـــــلاح المسلميـــــن 
 جاءوا الملا برسالة بيضاء من وحــي الأمين   ودعوا إلى السير القويـم على غرار السالفين 
 قسماً لهـــم مجـــد أغـــر فاق مجد الخــالدين   ومشى الرّكاب بذكرهم ندّاً على مــرّ السنين 
 هي أمتــــي تاج الأمم ودرة العــــرش المكين   هذا الرّداء من التكاســـل والخمـول ستخلعين
 إن كل عـــزم للشيـــوخ وبالنجاح لهــــم ندين   لا تجزعـــي أو تيأسـي عـزم الشبيبة لا يلين
 يا فتية الإرشـاد جنــــد المجد مصبــاح اليقين   يا فخـر من حمل المشاعل للهدى في العالمين 
 سِيروا إلى العلياء لا قــرت عيـــون الحاسدين   والله جــــلّ يمدّكم بالعـــون والنّصـــر المبين


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