“It is the Truth”

This song was written in 1937 by Abd al-Hakim al-‘Abidin, the brother-in-law of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, Hasan al-Banna. The song was originally considered “the song of the brigades”, and was written after he saw the members of the brotherhood training “in their brigades”, according to the Muslim Brotherhood History Wiki. The lyrics originally had used “the brigades” (الكتائب) in place of “the legions” (الجحافل).

هو الحــق يحـــــشُد أجنادهُ   ***   ويــتد للمـــــوقف الفاصلِ
It is the truth which has mobilized its troops,
And prepared itself for the final stand.

فصـفوا الجحــــافل آســادهُ   ***   ودكـــــوا بـه دولة الباطلِ
So its lions arranged the legions,
And through it, shook the nation of falsehood.

نبي الهدى قد جفونا الكرى   ***   وعِفنا الشــهي من المطعمِ
The prophet of guidance has refused slumber to us,
And rejected from us the delicious dishes of food.

نهضنا إلى الله نجلو السُرى   ***   بـروعــــة قرآنــهِ المحـكمِ
We are awakened to come to God, to make clear the journey by night,
With the magnificence of his perfected Qur’an.

ونُشهد مَن دَبَّ فوق الثرى   ***   وتـحت السماء عزة المسلمِ
And we are witnessed by those who crawl atop the soil,
And beneath the sky is the glory of the Muslims;

دعـــاة إلى الحق لسنا نَرى   ***   لـهُ فِــــديةٌ دون بـــذْل الدمِ
[As] callers to the truth, we do not see,
A sacrifice for it without an exchange of blood.

تآخــــت على الله أرواحــنا   ***   إخــــاءً يروع بنـــاء الزمنْ
Our souls have become brothers for God,
As a brotherhood which astonishes the builders of the era;

وباتــت فـدى الحق آجــالنا   ***   بتــوجـــيه قرآنِــنا المؤتمنْ
And they became a sacrifice for the truth through our time,
With the directive of our trustworthy Qur’an.

رِقاقٌ إذا ما الدجـــى زارَنا   ***   غمـرْنــا محاريــبنا بالحَزَنْ
Gentle, when gloom does not pay a visit to us,
The niches of our mosques drowning us in sadness;

وجــندٌ شــــِداد إذا رامـــنا   ***   لِـبـــأسٍ رأى أُســدنا لا تهِنْ
And hardened soldiers, when we are moved
To the disaster that our unyielding lions see.

أخا الكفر إما تَبِعتَ الهدى   ***   فأصبحتَ فينا الأخ المفتدى
Brother of disbelief, if you followed the guidance
Then you would have become a redeemed brother among us;

وإما جَهـِــلتَ فنحن الكماة   ***   نقاضي إلى الروع مَن هددا
And if you were ignorant, then we are the valiant,
We summon to horror all who threaten.

إذاً لا أذقناك ضعف الحياة   ***   وضعف الممات ولن تنجزا
If we do not make you taste weakness in life,
And weakness in death, and they are not attained;

فإنـــا نصــونُ بروح الإله   ***   ونَــقْفُـو رِكــاب نبي الهدى
Then indeed, we protect by way of the divine soul,
And we follow the convoy of the prophet of guidance.

إلى النصر للموقف الفاصلِ
إلى النصر للموقف الفاصل
On to victory for the final stand,
On to victory for the final stand!


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