“Slaughter Me from Vein to Vein”

This poem was written by Yusuf al-‘Azm, a Jordanian Islamist poet, writer, and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-‘Azm originally wrote the poem on the topic of the massacre of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon. The lyrics of the poem were turned into a song, the recording of which was uploaded online and can be found here.

Slaughter me from vein to vein,
And water me with bitterness at every level;
ذبحوني مـن وريـدٍ لوريـدِ * و سقوني المر في كل صعيـدِ

Rip apart my spouse, for I am not concerned about them,
And go on towards my young child, my only one;
مزقوا زوجي قلم أعبـأ بهـم * و مضوا نحو صغيري و وحيدي

Plunge the spear in his insides,
For tomorrow, “Allahu Akbar” will be the echoes of my song,
غرسوا الحربة فـي أحشائـه * فغدا التكبيـر أصـداء نشيـدي

Destroy my house! And is my house even here?
Indeed, my house is behind those borders,
دمروا بيتي و هل بيتي هنـا * إن بيتي خلف هاتيك الحـدودِ

And I met my demise, for I stumble not
Except over the sons of vipers and apes.
و تلفـت فلـم أعثـر علـى * غير أبناء الأفاعي والقـرودِ

Where is the well-remembered courage of the Arabs? And whose?
Where are the sons of the sanctuaries, defending steadfastness?
أين بأس العرب مذخورٌ لمـن * أين أبناء الحمى درع الصمودِ

And my blood spills upon these hills,
Scattering its fragrance upon roses red;
دمي سال على تلـك الربـى * ينثر العطر على حمر الـورودِ

The usurper moistens his tongue upon our body parts,
Upon none but ourselves do dark firearms descend.
ولغ الغاصـب فـي أشلائنـا * غير أنا لم نزل سمـر الزنـودِ

And my banner flutters above the heights of humankind,
Challenging every standard from on high;
ولوائي فوق هامات الورى* يتحدى في العلا كل البنودِ

Say to he who thinks us a nation that has
Rejected the glories of Sa’ad and al-Walid –
قل لمن يحسب أنا أمةٌ * أنكرت أمجادُ سعدٍ والوليدِ

We are a people that no longer fear death,
And care neither about lead nor iron;
نحن شعب لم يعد يخشى الردى* أو يبالي برصاص وحديدِ

Every time a firebrand from among us is extinguished,
The Qur’an rises with a new dawn.
كلما أطفئ منا قبس * أشرق القرآن بالفجر الجديدِ

An advancing banner has returned to us,
After the [long] days of loss and wanderings;
قد رجعنا رايةً زاحفةً* بعد أيامِ ضياعٍ وشرودٍ

And we go forth [together], toward the sky’s horizons,
Producing the banner as a grandfather to a grandson;
ومضينا نحو آفاق العلا * نسلم الرايةَ جدٌ لحفيدِ

Indeed, paradise asks for a price which is
High, except for the arteries of the martyr.
إنها الجنة تبغي ثمنا *عزَّ إلا من شرايينِ الشهيدِ


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