“Your enemies passed” (أعداؤكَ ولو)

Song by Saudi singer, Abu Ali.

Your enemies passed by like nothing; and you remained, honorably, like the flag.
أعداؤك ولو للعدم وبقيت عزيزاً كالعلم

Your history is a radiant sun, indeed you are a life unto the nations.
تاريخك شمس تتجلى بل أنت حياة للامم

So call to me, I implore my verses, in a smiling face of light.
فدعونى أملي أبياتي فى وجه النور المبتسم

Take the water of my eye as their ink, and make my eyelids like the pen.
خذ ماء العين لها حبرا واجعل أجفانى كالقلم

Do you see them laughing? At a face, free as the sun, without blame.
أتراهم سخروا من وجه حر كالشمس بلا تهم

A light glistens, glistening like a venerable full moon, in a night that closes upon darkness.
يتلالا نورا يتلالا كالبدر وقورا فى ليل التم على الظلم

Do you see them laughing at his face? How many have begun whispering, amidst magnificence?
أتراهم سخروا من وجه كم بات يناجى فى عظم

My tears stream down my eyelid, in serene, ordered droplets.
يتحدر دمعي من جفني في در ساج منتظم

Do you see them curse his beard; how many a tear has flowed, and with it, my blood!
أتراهم سبوا لحيته كم سال الدمع بها بدمى

And as if the remains of its water (the tears) was for the ablution of the star amid the mountaintops.
وكأن بقايا الماء بها لوضوء نجم فى القمم

With beauteous attributes unto himself, in a heart pure with generosity;
بجميل صفات فى ذات فى قلب زاك فى كرم

Prayers in succession, and greetings [to you], o best in all the world!
فصلاة تترى وسلام يا خير الدنيا كلهم


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