Iran and US politics

I don’t see what people have against Iran, politically or culturally (especially the latter). Of course, if someone wants to criticize people’s entire culture based on a generalization, whether based on the fact that they follow a particular religion or have different customs, they’re basically admitting that they are racist. But politically, it’s a really dumb argument and causes a lot of problems. I don’t even see how it’s taken seriously – it would be better if he US and Iran just had a soccer match, or played chess, and settled it that way, because all that politicians have done is fuck things up royally. Examining this, I think is not based on any logic whatsoever, yet people accept it, because the media repeats it. But if one does want to consider it seriously, politically, it’s worth noting that Iran’s government has taken the same stance as the US multiple times, on several international issues:

– Bosnian war, 1993: Iran supported Bosniaks during the genocide, and opposed Serbia. They even wanted to send soldiers to help Bosnia, which NATO refused to endorse. NATO decided to bomb Serbian cities instead, even at civilian sites, years later.
– Iraq, 1980-2003: Iran opposed Saddam Hussein, from the time they had a horrible war with Iran. After the war ended they still were against Saddam Hussein, while the US supported him till Iraq took over Kuwait. Only then did the US oppose Saddam, in 1990, and Iran continued the same way.
– Iraq, 2003–present : Iran opposes al-Qa’idah, as well as ISIS.
– Afghanistan, 1980-present: Iran opposed Stalinist coup and Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Supported Afghan Mujahideen, just like the USA, though different groups.
– Afghanistan, 1997-present: Iran opposes Taliban, as well as al-Qa’idah. Originally, Iran had almost gone to war with the Taliban, after Taliban invaded and killed people in the Iranian embassy, while the US remained neutral. They then tried to make peace with Iran, but Iran never recognized them. They never went to war, which Iran avoided. The US invaded in 2001, and Iran did not support the Taliban.

Now how are they threatening? What have they done to us, here in the USA? It makes more sense, historically, that the US should not have a problem with Iran, and should negotiate what few issues both countries have for the sake of peace, and just so that the world can move on to issues that really deserve action, such as the environment. All that can be said in regard to any aggressive action by Iran against the US is that 39 years ago, before everyone in my generation was born, the people who started their government took over a US embassy and held the staff captive. They released them. Contrast that with what Saddam, the Taliban, al-Qa’idah, and others that Iran has warned everyone else about would have done. When the Taliban came into an Iranian embassy, they didn’t bother taking hostages: they shot the occupants dead, including a journalist. That was within the last 20 years. Remind me again why I should hate and live in fear a country I have never been to. For its politics, which have never affected my life? Count me baffled.


“My Nation”

“My Nation” or “Ummati”;

A poem by Omar Abu Risha

My nation, is there for you among the nations,
A pulpit for the sword or for the pen?

أمتي هل لك بين الأمم   ***   منبر للسيف أو للقلم

I look at you, with my gaze bent down,
Ashamed, from your bygone yesteryear.
أتلقاك وطرفي مطرق   ***   خجلا من أمسك المنصرم

And tears nearly flow, frivolously…
Over remains…grandeur…the pain.
ويكاد الدمع يهمي عابثا   ***   ببقايا ….. كبرياء ….. الألم

Where is your world that inspired,
Everyone deprived of song to my string?
أين دنياك التي أوحت   ***   إلى وتري كل يتيم النغم

How many have exceeded beyond its echoes,
An arena of glory and an estate of pride.
كم تخطيت على أصدائه   ***   ملعب العز ومغنى الشمم

And I strutted, as if I was dragging along
My apron, above the heights of stars.
وتهاديت كأني ساحب   ***   مئزري فوق جباه الأنجم

My nation! How many a bloody throat-lump
Has choked whispers of your glory from my mouth!
أمتي كم غصة دامية   ***   خنقت نجوى علاك في فمي

What a blood-gushing wound to my pride;
Despair has passed it by, for it does not heal.
أي جرح في إبائي راعف   ***   فاته الآسي فلم يلتئم

Does Israel plant its banner,
In the protection of the Nativity and shadow of the [Noble] Sanctuary?
ألاسرائيل تعلو راية   ***   في حمى المهد وظل الحرم !؟

How can you disregard this shame,
While not shaking off the dust of the accusation?
كيف أغضيت على الذل ولم   ***   تنفضي عنك غبار التهم ؟

Or were you not, when the oppressor stood in aggression,
A wave made of flames or blood?
أوما كنت إذا البغي اعتدى   ***   موجة من لهب أو من دم !؟

How can you advance and relinquish,
And not seek retaliation, and not avenge!
كيف أقدمت وأحجمت ولم   ***   يشتف الثأر ولم تنتقمي ؟

Hearken to the wailing of the aggrieved, and be ecstatic,
And behold the tears of the orphans and smile!
اسمعي نوح الحزانى واطربي   ***   وانظري دمع اليتامى وابسمي

And let the leaders in their illusive desires,
Devote themselves to a plunder most despicable;
ودعي القادة في أهوائها   ***   تتفانى في خسيس المغنم

Perhaps, the cry of “O My Mu’tasim” rang out,
Filling the mouths of orphaned girls;
رب وامعتصماه انطلقت   ***   ملء أفواه البنات اليتم

It may have reached near their ears, but it
Did not come close to the chivalry of Mu’tasim!
لامست أسماعهم لكنها   ***   لم تلامس نخوة المعتصم

My nation! How many an idol did you glorify,
Which did not even carry the purity of an idol!
أمتي كم صنم مجدته   ***   لم يكن يحمل طهر الصنم

The wolf is not to blame for his aggression,
If the shepherd is the enemy of the sheep.
لايلام الذئب في عدوانه   ***   إن يك الراعي عدوَّ الغنم

So withhold the complaint, for were it not for yourself,
The slaves of the dirham would surely not be governing!
فاحبسي الشكوى فلولاك لَما   ***   كان في الحكم عبيدُ الدرهم

O soldier, o bellwether of sacrifice,
O smiling ray of hope!
أيها الجندي يا كبش الفدا   ***   يا شعاع الأمل المبتسم

You have not known miserliness in your soul
When the withered folk seek the agonies of glory.
ما عرفت البخل بالروح إذا   ***   طلبتها غصص المجد الظمي

Blessed is the wound which you carry,
Honorably, beneath the shadow of the flag.
بُورك الجرح الذي تحمله   ***   شرفاً تحت ظلال العلم

“Your enemies passed” (أعداؤكَ ولو)

Song by Saudi singer, Abu Ali.

Your enemies passed by like nothing; and you remained, honorably, like the flag.
أعداؤك ولو للعدم وبقيت عزيزاً كالعلم

Your history is a radiant sun, indeed you are a life unto the nations.
تاريخك شمس تتجلى بل أنت حياة للامم

So call to me, I implore my verses, in a smiling face of light.
فدعونى أملي أبياتي فى وجه النور المبتسم

Take the water of my eye as their ink, and make my eyelids like the pen.
خذ ماء العين لها حبرا واجعل أجفانى كالقلم

Do you see them laughing? At a face, free as the sun, without blame.
أتراهم سخروا من وجه حر كالشمس بلا تهم

A light glistens, glistening like a venerable full moon, in a night that closes upon darkness.
يتلالا نورا يتلالا كالبدر وقورا فى ليل التم على الظلم

Do you see them laughing at his face? How many have begun whispering, amidst magnificence?
أتراهم سخروا من وجه كم بات يناجى فى عظم

My tears stream down my eyelid, in serene, ordered droplets.
يتحدر دمعي من جفني في در ساج منتظم

Do you see them curse his beard; how many a tear has flowed, and with it, my blood!
أتراهم سبوا لحيته كم سال الدمع بها بدمى

And as if the remains of its water (the tears) was for the ablution of the star amid the mountaintops.
وكأن بقايا الماء بها لوضوء نجم فى القمم

With beauteous attributes unto himself, in a heart pure with generosity;
بجميل صفات فى ذات فى قلب زاك فى كرم

Prayers in succession, and greetings [to you], o best in all the world!
فصلاة تترى وسلام يا خير الدنيا كلهم